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We sell high performance products for cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining is an arms race and it rewards early adopters. Our expertise and advanced cryptocurrency mining systems will enable you to have a great experience and profit!

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vietnam bans

Vietnam Bans the Import of Miners

The State Bank of Vietnam announced that the government banned the import of cryptocurrency mining machinery. These mostly include the ASIC mining rigs. In parallel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing…
Bitmain raised

Bitmain Raised 300 Million in Investing Round

Bitmain raised $300 to $400 million in a Series B funding. The Chinese crypto mining manufacturer was valued at $12 billion after the investment. The Chinese company Bitmain raised $300 million from…
malicious crypto miners

Kaspersky's malicious crypto miners report

Kaspersky Lab warned users about the increase of ransomware and malicious crypto miners in the last two years. The company released a report about the numbers in 2017 and 2018. They also warned mobile…
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