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Apple bans crypto mining apps on iOS devices

Apple has posted a new guideline for developers that includes new statements about iOS applications. In the statement, it can be clearly seen that the company is banning cryptocurrency mining applications. Yet, Apple is targeting the apps that run mining processes in the background with this guideline.

Apple issued a new statement for developers to change some guidelines for them. They are targeting the applications that run mining processes in the background. Some applications did this through ads while running mining in the background of the ad. In 2014, the company has already banned a blockchain app that was mining Bitcoin. Yet, with the new statement, Apple bans crypto mining apps that use too much resource of the mobile device.

Crypto mining processes require too much energy even on the computers, regardless of how powerful the rig is. However, the sector was going a safer and a more energy-friendly road. With this ban, Apple also targeted the future apps that can have optimized processes for mining.

On the other hand, ads that run mining processes in the background was harming the mobile devices. Even YouTube was found to have these kinds of ads, and Google issued a ban on ads like these as well. The problem with these kinds of apps is that they put a lot of stress on the mobile device’s resources. They make the device heat too much or drain the battery rapidly. Measures like Apple’s forces developers to come up with new ideas to produce better applications.

We will see how the cryptocurrency developers respond to this situation. In fact, this ban would clean out some malevolent apps from the store. This is a good thing for the other developers that do not spam the users for their own good.

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