Competition in crypto mining

Competition in crypto mining: NVIDIA, AMD, and others

Competition in crypto mining in terms of graphics cards increased to a new level. New players coming on stage challenges the graphics cards tycoons to be out of crypto mining sector. Bitmain Technologies, the inventor of Antminer E3, seems to surpass the sales of both NVIDIA and AMD in crypto mining cards. The two big companies are forced to reduce activities in cryptocurrency business.

Competition in crypto mining in terms of graphics cards increased to a new level, with the new companies coming into play. NVIDIA and AMD are the two big companies that produce graphics cards for the gaming industry. They also entered the data centers business recently. Moreover, with the regular crypto miners buying huge chunks of graphics cards, the companies ran out of stock of cards. Thus, that forced the two to invest in cryptocurrency business. However, other companies such as Bitmain challenged them in this area, and now the two big are reducing their crypto mining businesses. Since Bitmain and some other companies are specialized in crypto mining, they can produce cards with a higher cost-efficiency rate. As a result, their sales are better than the big two in the crypto mining business.

However, this situation seems not to be a problem, especially for NVIDIA. Since the company is more active in gaming and data centers industry, they can compensate for the loss in the crypto mining business. In fact, financial analysts are suggesting a buy on NVIDIA’s stocks. This news relieved the stress on NVIDIA investors. On the other hand, AMD may not be as strong as NVIDIA with the loss of crypto markets. Since AMD’s one-fourth of first quarter revenues are based on Ethereum-related chips, they might get hit harder by other crypto mining companies. We look forward to seeing how the competition in crypto mining graphics cards will be in the second quarter of 2018. Our hope is that it will be the best for the cryptocurrency industry.

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