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Cryptocurrency for charity: UNICEF starts accepting mining as donation

UNICEF has launched a new website, The Hopepage, to mine coins as a donation for the children in need. The website will use the visitor’s processing power to mine Monero. The mined coins will be donated automatically to UNICEF for the children. Cryptocurrency for charity can be the future of donations.

The Australian UNICEF has launched a website to change the way the people donate. The website, Hopepage, will use webpage visitor’s computer’s processing power to mine Monero. After that, the mined coins will be used for the use of children’s needs across the globe. Yet, this is not the first attempt of UNICEF to use cryptocurrency as a donation. The organization launched Game Chaingers Project earlier. However, the project needed users to download mining program. And, the project did not meet expectations. However, UNICEF expects to see more interest in their new project on cryptocurrency for charity.

The Hopepage is not the first implementation of cryptocurrency for charity, however. There were some experimental websites before, such as The Charity Mine. Yet, they were not so successful as they were expected. Also, people tend to criticize such charity activities because of scams. In the past, some fraud cryptocurrency for charity websites were busted for malicious activity. Yet, since UNICEF is a globally trusted organization, privacy and security of the mining process would be less suspicious in this case. Also, the organization promises to be transparent in the mining process. While the user allows its computational power to be used, they can choose to join the mining or not.

As the cryptocurrency businesses develop, it brings new ways of interactions within the sector. It is expected with the progress of mining technologies, more diversity will be met. What do you think will happen next in the cryptocurrency industry? Will UNICEF’s move be successful?

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