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First crypto mining ban in United States

Plattsburgh decided to implement an 18-month crypto mining ban due to exceeding the electricity quota of the town. The small town has recently caught the attention of miners because of its cheap prices of electricity. But, the ban could end earlier than expected.

Plattsburgh City Council voted for a temporary law that implements a crypto mining ban throughout the town. The small town located in New York owes its cheap electricity prices to the dams used for energy production. Because of its cheap electricity prices, the town also attracted some crypto miners. Miners have been using extensive amounts of electricity since last year. Thus, the town has exceeded its allotted amount of electricity both in December and January. As a result, the city council has decided to pause the mining operations for a limited time.

As we stated in one of our previous posts about cryptocurrency mining, the process of mining has changed a lot since beginning. Now, mining requires a lot of electricity and powerful hardware. This leads to the need for optimization of the tools for mining. Thus, governments and cryptocurrency producers work together to increase the efficiency of the process.

The temporary crypto mining ban is going to last for 18 months, but this duration could end earlier than expected according to local authorities. Councilors who voted for the local moratorium stated that the law could be lifted in a shorter time when the consumption protections are put in place. These protections include zoning laws and regulations in lighting schedules. The authorities work in concert with the miners to reduce the crypto mining ban.

Although the crypto mining ban news looks bothersome at first, the hopes are high among the crypto miners as the ban is not expected to last long.

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