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Green crypto mining: Cryptomatoes

Green crypto mining is changing the notion that “mining is bad for the environment.” Kamil Brejcha, co-founder of NakamotoX, has developed a strategy to grow greenhouse vegetables using the excess heat of mining. The first batch of tomatoes grown with the help of crypto mining is nearly ready to be harvested. Brejcha adds there are more vegetables to come.

As the disputes over whether the crypto mining is cost-effective, Czechia has become the first to grow plants using the excess heat of crypto mining. Meanwhile, Kamil Brejcha is one of the leaders on the green crypto mining business. He owns a digital currency start-up in Czechia, and they are growing vegetables using the crypto mining energy. The company first used tomatoes as the candidate for the process. In fact, Brejcha calls them “cryptomatoes.” The plants will be harvested in the short term, and there will be many others to follow.

The company did not share the details of the heat exchange process apart from this tweet.

Hopefully, they will give more details soon. Also, they said that they are channeling the heat from the mining area to the greenhouse. This can lead to many other applications in the mining businesses. New areas can arise from the use of excess energy of mining activities.

As the crypto mining businesses grow, it brings new ideas with it. There’s no doubt there will be many more soon. We think the green crypto mining is just the beginning.

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