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New malware attack hits Macs

Malwarebytes, Inc. has recently announced that a malware attack hit Apple’s Mac computers. The malware takes over some of the computers’ CPU to use it as a resource to mine Monero coins. But the good news is the malware can easily be cleaned out of the system.

Researchers at Malwarebytes, Inc., an anti-virus software company, have found out that a malware program running on some Macs mine Monero without the users noticing. The problem arose when some users reported computers’ fans whirring out. The software responsible for the mining process is called mshelper. The software responsible for the malware attack took over a huge part of computers’ CPU to mine Monero. Malwarebytes stated that the software consists of three components: the dropper, the launcher, and the miner.

The dropper part was responsible for installing the malware on the computer. It can be anything scaling from fake Adobe Flash Player installers to malicious ads. (IT BASICALLY STARTS THE PROCESS). The launcher (it was called pplauncher) was responsible for initiating the mining process. It was rather a large file with a size of 3.5 Mb. Finally, the miner was doing the mining job. It basically ran some complex functions to mine Monero on user’s Mac. The miner used an older copy of the legal miner program XMRig to mine the coins. In other words, the malware program mshelper is based on XMRig’s older version.

Malwarebytes released an update to their anti-malware software to remove the virus. Also, they added that if the user’s computer does not have problems with fans, the malware would not cause big problems. Yet, we should all be aware of malware attacks using crypto mining. Malwarebytes also notices users be aware of the rise of malware crypto miners. Frequent system checks and keeping anti-virus software updated is crucial for keeping clean.

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